Faiteve Inc is the first company to promote creative and innovative works to make traveling safer based on the recent breakthrough discovery in vehicle nonlinear rotational dynamics.

The company publishes, develops, and commercializes products based on its proprietary nonlinear vehicle dynamics technology. It published the book, Nonlinear Instability and Inertial Coupling Effects - The Root Causes Leading to Aircraft Crashes, Land Vehicle Rollovers, and Ship Capsizes. The nonlinear inertial coupling terms in the vehicle rotational dynamic equations, which have been neglected completely in the industries, have been proved to cause many aircraft crashes based on the analyses using their Flight Data Recorder (FDR) data in the book. Its vehicle nonlinear instability demonstrator provides an experimental tool to educate vehicle operators, like aircraft pilots, ship captains, and land vehicle drivers, to avoid dangerous nonlinear instability. Its products in development include dynamically equivalent simulator for aircrafts and land vehicles, aircraft nonlinear dynamic instability warning system, and violent motions and capsizing warning system for oceangoing vessel.